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Commercial Kitchen 24 offers much more than just rental kitchen space. We offer our cliental the facility, tools and knowledge to be successful. Whether your business is in its’ infancy or already established and growing, Commercial Kitchen 24 can assist you to the next level of success.

What We Do

Clean & Equipped Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen 24’s facility offers clean & well equipped kitchens. When you arrive, please sign in and out using the clipboard in each kitchen.

Secure Storage

In addition we offer frozen, refrigerated & dry storage to our clients. Gone are the days of lugging your supplies and products around.

Customer Service

Whether your business is a startup or an establish identity, we can help you. We have a network of knowledge that can help you get to your next level of success.

Save you Money

Kitchen rates start at $30 an hour. This includes all equipment, electric, gas, and water.

Licensed Commercial Kitchens

Licensed Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen 24 was designed and built as a licensed commercial rental kitchen facility. We have three large, private and clean kitchens. Our shared area includes a commercial dishwasher, ice machine and plug and play equipment.

Secure Frozen, Chilled and Dry Storage

Secure Frozen, Chilled and Dry Storage

Commercial Kitchen 24 offers our clients plenty of dry, chilled or frozen storage. Our large walk-in chiller-freezer combo unit will keep your produce fresh and your products ready for market. Our dry storage enables you to leave your supplies at CK24, so no more carting from one place to another.

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